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V ered has been working on making a documentary about the phenomena called the Ripple Effect and how one action or one person can change a whole culture of country and even the world. The first Trailer will be coming out soon. Stay tuned to more news about Champion of Transformation


Trailer of Champion of Transformation


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V ered Neta is a screenwriter, author, script reader and a public speaker. She is the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, an international center for business, financial and personal success located in Amsterdam, the Netherland, where she helped small business owners and entrepreneurs creating personal, business and financial success.

After 28 years of being a trainer and working with more than 150,000 all over the world Vered moved to Tenerife in 2017 together with her partner and has started a new career as a screenwriter. She wrote 2 screenplays and a musical. These days she is working on a documentary and on a novel based on one of her screenplays.

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